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Parents Council Fundraiser

By SchoolWise Host Admin on 26/04/2023

At Adamstown Community College, we have a diverse and ever-changing demographic. We pride ourselves on our inclusive practices and always strive to be the best we can be for our students.

Our students derive from a multitude of backgrounds. We have students from over 70 countries, speaking an array of languages, with a multitude of experiences. We have students of all religions and none. We have students who are neurotypical and those who are neurodivergent. We have students who have lived experiences we can only dream of and those who have experienced more than we can imagine.

At Adamstown, we are different, and we are proud to be. We endeavour to celebrate our difference at every opportunity, but we are acutely aware that our facilities do not meet the needs of all of our students. Part of our shortcoming is in the form of a ‘Gross Motor and Sensory Room’ - our parents council want to right this wrong.

Our parents aim to fundraise  to develop a specially designed room for students with gross motor and sensory needs. This room will combine a range of stimuli to help our students develop and engage their senses and to develop control of their gross motor skills.

If you would kindly like to donate, please click HERE.